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Kerryn's Story

My name is Kerryn Siems and I am a 28 year old South African born woman, living in Geelong, Australia with my husband George. I am a competitive Strongwoman Athlete for Australia and run my own Personal Training business, KSS Personal Training. Having been involved in the industry for nearly seven years, I bring an array of knowledge and experience to my Personal Training Style. I am extremely passionate about Woman's Health having experienced my own challenges as a woman wanting to get fit and healthy. In order to help empower my clients achieve their desired results, I am always researching and studying new ways in which I can help others experience life to it's fullest!

The journey that I have been on over the past six years has been nothing short of incredible and while I continue to open my mind to the power of my thoughts, I have learnt so much about why I ended up where I did and why I am where I am now. Why I react to certain situations the way I do. Why I battled so long with body image issues. Why I’ve put up walls throughout my life and the effect they have had on my day to day living, and ultimately why I’ve found it so difficult to trust anyone or to let love into my life.

The initial parts of my blog are an excerpt of my story including some of the battles I have encountered, how I have managed to grow through those battles and the ongoing journey I am on which includes breaking down my walls, learning to love again, building genuine, authentic and trustworthy friendships, recognising the state of my mental health and taking action when my all round well being is at risk.

My faith in God has been invaluable to my own self development so there may be times when I talk about Him, not to push my beliefs on anyone but simply because He has formed such a huge part in the development of my life and character. This is my story, the highs and the lows. Laying it bare in the hope of helping others who may have struggled or might be struggling through this journey we call life.

I do not claim to have it all together, even on my good days I am ALWAYS learning and growing. And on bad days, I am reminded that no matter how bad it gets, there is ALWAYS hope and the view is just on the other side of the mountain.

My vision is that together as women, we can learn from each other and build each other up in the process.

This is my journey, thank you for being a part of it… 🙂

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